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Harvey Norman Holdings

Board of Directors


Gerry Harvey

Executive Chairman

In 1982, Mr. G. Harvey was the co-founder, with Mr. I.J. Norman, of Harvey Norman®. He became a director and chairman of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited (the Company) in 1987, and is employed by Yoogalu Pty Limited (Yoogalu), a controlled entity of the Company. Mr. G. Harvey is executive chairman, or a director, of each member of the consolidated entity, with a particular focus on property investments.



Kay Lesley Page

Executive Director and CEO

Ms. Page joined Harvey Norman® in 1983 and became a director of the Company in 1987. Ms. Page is employed by Yoogalu. Since 1999, Ms. Page has overall Chief Executive Officer responsibility for each controlled entity of the Company in Australia, and is a director of each member of the consolidated entity. On 21 October 2020, Ms. Page was appointed as a Member of the Tourism Australia Board of Directors.


Chris Mentis

Executive Director, CFO & Company Secretary

B.Bus., FCA, FGIA, Grad Dip App Fin

Mr. Mentis joined Harvey Norman® as a Financial Controller in 1997. Mr. Mentis became secretary of the Company in 2006 and a director of the Company in 2007. He is employed by Yoogalu and, since 2007, has overall Chief Financial Officer responsibility for, or is a director of, each member of the consolidated entity. Mr. Mentis is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) and a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, with extensive experience in financial accounting.



John Evyn Slack-Smith

Executive Director and COO

Mr. Slack-Smith was a director of a Harvey Norman® computer franchisee between 1993 and 1999 and became a director of the Company in 2001. He is employed by Yoogalu and has overall executive responsibility for the operations of each controlled entity of the consolidated entity in Australia of which he is a director. Mr. Slack-Smith is the Chair of the Barker College Foundation Limited and a Member of Council at Barker College.




Michael John Harvey

Non-Executive Director


Mr. M. Harvey joined Harvey Norman in 1987, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Mr. M. Harvey gained extensive experience as a Harvey Norman® franchisee from 1989 to 1994. Mr. M. Harvey became a director of the Company in 1993 and was appointed Managing Director in July 1994. Mr. M. Harvey ceased to be an executive director and Managing Director on 30 June 1998.