Gerry Harvey is an entrepreneur, one of Australia’s best-known retailers, a family man, breeder of race horses and Chairman of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited, the owner of the iconic retail brand names: Harvey Norman®, Domayne® and Joyce Mayne®.

As retail entrepreneur, Gerry Harvey has achieved success not once but twice. He and business partner, Ian Norman started out in 1961 to establish the Norman Ross chain of franchised complexes which, by 1982, totalled 42 throughout New South Wales and Queensland. In 1982 Gerry and Ian Norman sold Norman Ross.

October 1982 saw Gerry and Ian start Harvey Norman with one franchised complex in Auburn, Sydney. During the next five years Gerry expanded the business to total 13 franchised complexes across New South Wales. The company floated in 1987 and this was the springboard for massive growth.

The consolidated entity attributes its outstanding performance over the past 34 years to a successful integrated retail, franchise, property and digital system. In recent years, Harvey Norman® has been transformed from a traditional retailer with physical-only sites to a truly omni channel service offering. Customers want the ability to move seamlessly between digital interfaces and physical stores

Harvey Norman® provides a dependable experience whether the customer elects to “click and collect” from one of the franchised complexes in Australia, to transact online, or to visit their local franchised complex after researching online. The Harvey Norman® “Live Chat” feature enables customers to access the knowledge of proprietors, providing all the benefits of the proprietors’ industry-leading product expertise and service standards. The omni channel strategy leverages the extensive network of franchised complexes in Australia, positioning each one as a retail distribution centre and Harvey Norman® as a leading and efficient integrated retail distribution network.

As at 30 June 2018, there were 195 franchised complexes throughout Australia trading under 3 brand names: Harvey Norman® (169 franchised complexes), Domayne® (20 franchised complexes) and Joyce Mayne® (6 franchised complexes). There were 89 company-operated stores located in New Zealand (39 company-operated stores), Ireland (13 company-operated stores), Northern Ireland (2 company-operated stores), Singapore (13 company-operated stores), Malaysia (16 company-operated stores), Slovenia (5 company-operated stores) and Croatia (1 company-operated store). All company-operated stores in offshore markets trade under the Harvey Norman® brand name.

Gerry personally owns around 30 per cent of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited and his retailing genius has laid the foundations and culture that is now driving the business forward. A major contributing factor to the success of the integrated retail, franchise, property and digital enterprise is Gerry’s retailing savvy. He understands market trends, has the tools, the timing and the business acumen to successfully respond to demands in the marketplace.

Gerry has been quoted as saying: “I’ve never been afraid to try something new.” It is a tribute to Gerry’s entrepreneurial spirit that he gives a good idea room to grow. If the idea shows promise and is paying its way, he’ll provide the resources for it to bloom. In a similar way that’s how he manages his staff. He gives you a desk and the resources and says: “go to it”. When staff need advice or want to chat, it’s very common for them to tap on his open office door and ask: “Do you have a minute?” It’s rare for him to decline. Gerry remains, despite his personal success, approachable and down-to-earth.



Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Page joined Harvey Norman in 1983 and was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited in 1987.

Ms. Page became the Chief Executive Officer of the Company in February 1999 and has overall executive responsibility for the consolidated entity.

Ms. Page is a director of the following other listed/public companies:

  • Trustee of the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust

  • On 30 July 2018 Ms Page was appointed as an independent member of the Place Management NSW Board.


B.Bus., FCA, FGIA, Grad Dip App Fin

Executive Director, CFO and Company Secretary

Mr. Mentis was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited on 30 August 2007.

Mr. Mentis joined Harvey Norman as Financial Controller on 15 December 1997. On 20 April 2006, he became Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary. Mr. Mentis is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, with extensive experience in financial accounting. Mr. Mentis has overall executive responsibility for the accounting and financial matters of the consolidated entity.




Non-Executive Director

Mr. M. Harvey joined Harvey Norman in 1987, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Mr. M. Harvey gained extensive experience as a Harvey Norman franchisee from 1989 to 1994. Mr. M. Harvey became a director of the Company in 1993 and was appointed Managing Director in July 1994. Mr. M. Harvey ceased to be an Executive Director and Managing Director on 30 June 1998.




Non-Executive Director (Independent)

Mr. Gunderson-Briggs was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited on 30 June 2003. Mr. Gunderson-Briggs is a chartered accountant and a registered company auditor. Mr. Gunderson-Briggs has been involved in public practice since 1982 and a partner in a chartered accounting firm since 1990. Mr. Gunderson-Briggs’ qualifications include a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Mr. Gunderson-Briggs was appointed Chairman of the Remuneration Committee on 16 December 2015 and is a member of the Audit and Nomination Committees.

Mr. Gunderson-Briggs is a non-executive director of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, a company listed on the ASX. Mr. Gunderson-Briggs finished his tenure as the Chairman of Glenaeon Rudolph Steiner School Limited in May 2018.


Executive Director and COO

Mr. Slack-Smith was a Harvey Norman computer franchisee between 1993 and 1999. Mr. Slack-Smith became a director of the Company on 5 February 2001. Mr. Slack-Smith has overall executive responsibility for the operations of the consolidated entity.

Mr. Slack-Smith was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia on 22 July 2019.




Non-Executive Director

Mr. Brown holds the degree of Master of Laws from the University of Sydney. Mr. Brown is the senior partner in Brown Wright Stein Lawyers. Brown Wright Stein Lawyers has acted as lawyers for the consolidated entity since 1982. Mr. Brown was appointed a director of the Company in 1987, when it became a listed public company. Mr. Brown is a member of the Audit, Remuneration and Nomination Committees.

Mr. Brown is the Chairman of Windgap Foundation Limited. In 2013 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the community, particularly to people with disability.




Non-Executive Director (Independent)

Mr. Craven holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Mr Craven has been actively involved with innovation and growth particularly in technology empowered industries for the past 20 years and prior to that was a partner for 25 years with Andersen Consulting / Accenture where he managed a number of portfolios in the Asia Pacific and globally. 

Mr Craven is Chair of Specialisterne Australia which is part of a global not for profit organisation working to enable one million jobs for people on the autism spectrum, and is a member of the Global Board of the Specialisterne Foundation, based in Denmark. He is also a member of the Board of Social Venture Partners Melbourne, a philanthropic investment organisation.

Mr. Craven was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited on 27 March 2019.


Executive Director

Mr. Ackery was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited on 20 December 2005. Mr. Ackery has overall executive responsibility for the relationship between the consolidated entity and Harvey Norman® home appliances, home entertainment and technology franchisees and strategic partners.




Non-Executive Director (Independent)

Mr. Paton holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney. During his 23 years as a partner of an international chartered accounting practice, he was involved in the provision of professional services to the retail industry. He retired from public practice in July 2001. Mr. Paton is a Fellow and Life Member of CPA Australia and was the National President of that professional accounting body in 1993/1994.

In 2001 he was awarded membership of the General Division of the Order of Australia for his services to the accounting profession and for his services to the deaf community through his chairmanship of the Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children for the decade to 2001.

Mr. Paton was appointed a director of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited on 20 June 2005 and was appointed the Senior Independent Director on 16 December 2015. Mr. Paton was appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee on 16 December 2015, Chairman of the Audit Committee on 9 March 2006 and is a member of the Remuneration Committee.

Mr. Paton is an independent non- executive director of Gazal Corporation Limited, a company listed on the ASX.